Upland Cards

Upland Cards are NFTs exclusively available on the WAX blockchain. In collaboration with Blockchain Heroes, Upland Cards is a collectible digital trading card set inspired by Miles B. Chain – Upland’s llama mascot, and other original characters inspired by blockchain and cryptocurrency personalities.

Upland Cards can be purchased on the secondary market on AtomicHub. With Upland’s announcement of its NFT Portal players will be able to import Upland Cards into the Metaverse. After a pilot with Upland Cards, you will be able to import other NFTs within the WAX blockchain. In the long term, they will also support additional blockchains such as Ethereum, FLOW, and more!

Why is this important? Right now in Upland, the majority of the players can only buy, sell, and trade properties. Some of us own spark, and are starting to build our homes on our properties. In the future you will be able to show off your digital collections inside your Upland home. If you are a creator, use your home as an art gallery or turn it into a business where you can sell you creations! Your digital collections aren’t meant to be collecting virtual dust in your wallet, they are meant to be displayed and shared with others. Your Upland home is the perfect place for this!

Find out more about NFTs on WAX, what they are and how you can get them here. If you do not have a WAX wallet, you can open one here. Once you have your WAX wallet, go to the “NFT portal” tab in the User Manual for a step by step guide to linking it to your Upland account.