How to Earn in Upland

Earning in Upland takes on several forms. There are two types of currency that you can earn in Upland. Firstly, you earn in UPX, which is the in game currency within Upland (not to be confused with the crypto coin of the same name. They are unrelated). Secondly, it is also possible to earn US Dollars within the game. Earnings in US Dollars takes the following forms:

Selling your property

Selling a property is an excellent way to increase your net worth. Use the 3rd party platform up2land to find the value of your property based on the market. Properties that are part of collections typically have much higher markup values. If you are able to mint one of those properties, it is a great way to increase your net worth quickly. If you own a home or other type of structure on your property, the value of that property is significantly higher than a property without one. The value of a structure has no base definition in the game, and is completely determined by the market. You can sell properties for both UPX and USD. To sell for USD, you must first register here.

Renting out spark

Spark is the resource used to build structures on your properties. Read more about spark and how to get it here. If you own spark, there are numerous people and/or groups that are willing to pay you to rent your spark. In the future there will be the ability within the game to rent out your spark, but for now all the deals are made directly between the players, typically within discord channels. People are willing to pay USD, crypto currencies or UPX for spark rentals. It all depends on how much spark you are lending, and for how long.

Earning yield from owning a property

Every property in Upland produces an annual yield of 17.28% These earnings can be collected on a 3 hour basis. The yield is calculated from the mint price of the property. Read hear to understand the property card and how to calculate important factors like mint price, neighborhood value and monthly earnings.

Completing a collection

By completing a collection within Upland, you are rewarded with a one time bonus for completing it. The rarer the collection is to complete, the higher the bonus is. When new cities are released in Upland, some are released in “Vanilla Mode“, meaning that the collections are predetermined, yet not released to the players ahead of time. Players must guess as to where the collection properties are in the hopes of earning these rewards. You can also complete collections by buying or trading properties on the secondary market. Read more about collections here, and the strategy for creating your first collections.

Earning a boosted yield on collection properties

Once you have completed a collection, the properties you have selected to be a part of that collection have their earnings multiplied by the factor of that specific collection, providing you with a greater yield. You only earn this additional boost if the collection is active. These earnings are also paid out on a 3 hour basis.

Receiving visits to your property

When someone visits a property that is not their own, the player must pay the visitor fee. Depending on the tier of the city, the visiting fees vary. The minimum and maximum prices can vary from 5 UPX to 100 UPX. Within the fixed range, the owner of a property is able to set the visiting fees for each of their properties. It is important to note that if you receive a visit from a visitor, the fee is not immediately paid out. Only once he becomes an uplander is the visitor fee paid out. If you are playing for free, there are many communities who will visit your properties to help you reach uplander status. Aside from this, do not expect that receiving visits will be a substantial source of revenue for you. Read more about sends here.

Finding a pinata or treasure through a treasure hunt

Treasure hunts involve you sending your block explorers to different properties within a city to try and find a treasure within a short period of time. If you are able to find the treasure you will win UPX or there is also a possibility of winning spark. Note that you are not guaranteed to win, and it can cost you money, as you must use sends to travel across a city. There is a learning curve for treasure hunting and it is not recommended for new players with a small net worth and minimal liquidity. Part of the strategy is owning a large number of properties spread across the city so that you can send yourself to your own properties, which do not cost UPX or using up a send. If you are able to master the skill of treasure hunting, this can be a good source of revenue. If you haven’t started hunting yet, make sure you read up on our top 5 things to understand before treasure hunting.

More ways to earn

Upland is currently developing new methods to earn while in the metaverse. They are developing the ability for players to own an in game business, and more. Start growing your net worth and engaging in the community. It is a great way to be seen and make connections within upland, which may be helpful down the road! Drop in to the Upland Guide discord server and say hi!

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