Intro to Upland Cars

Today an AMA (ask me anything) was hosted on YouTube where the founders Dirk and Idan answered lots of questions from the community regarding what the future of Upland holds. One of the most anticipated topics was cars. After all, if Upland is trying to create a Metaverse that mimics the real world, what kind of Metaverse would it be without cars? To achieve this, Upland has a partnership with Cryptomotors.

Below are screenshots of how these cars will look

As can be seen, there will be 6 types of vehicles in the Metaverse:

  1. pickup truck
  2. sedan
  3. sports car
  4. SUV
  5. van (cargo and passenger variations)
  6. semi-trailer

One of the utilities that these car NFTs will have is the ability to race them against other players. In the future there might be a VR/AR element to this racing.

One of the things that make NFTs special is that every one is completely unique. This provides the ability to ensure that no two cars are alike. Just like in video games, there are different parameters to different cars – speed, acceleration, grip, brake, and handling you can expect the different variants to have different parameters; even within each variant, every car can be completely unique. This will create additional complexities when racing.

Whether you are racing your car or not, just like in the real world your car doesn’t last forever. There will be odometer tracking. The more your car travels (while racing or just within the game) the more frequently you will have to repair and maintain it. You should also watch out of crashes in races or even fender benders while driving to a stadium to buy some Legits. These things will require you to go to a Metaventure car repair shop to get your car back in working condition.

The pictures of the cars above are lacking color. Similar to how you are able to choose a color set for your home, you can likely expect similar functionality for your cars. It may even be possible to add special custom decals to your car that could be bought from different Metaventure businesses.

As for getting around, real time travel will mean that not only will your block explorer not float over buildings, but it will travel on the public streets. If you own a car, you will be able to travel faster than if you were on foot. Also, don’t forget as we mentioned above each car is unique and can therefore have different speed parameters. Cars can’t just be left on the side of the road, and will need to be parked on a property.

So how can you get a car? You will have to build one with spark. Just like homes don’t appear out of thin air, all inanimate objects – homes, cars, decor, etc. all need to be built with the spark token. If you don’t have the spark to build you will be able to also purchase them on the secondary market.